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Whether placing your product at the centre of family life or experiencing your brand through a money-can’t-buy experience, influencers make a difference. Our job is to create a strategic partnership between your brand and the right names.

So what is an influencer, anyway? It’s not all about follower figures, it’s about knowing who your audience will trust. We think of influencers as four basic types:

Social media first influencers became famous on social – building their trust and their personal brand around niche content like parenting.

Expert influencers are professionals or academics who are well-respected authorities in their field.

Famous first influencers rose to fame through their profession, such as sportspersons, and now have a large social following as a result.

Reality TV stars gain a social media following quickly for obvious reasons – but their fame may last less time.

From everyday families to academics and the nation’s sweethearts, we’ve done it all. With eyes on follower engagement and brand alignment, we’ll find you the perfect fit.

Give your brand the spotlight it deserves with an endorsement from a legend in your industry. Whether they’re a megastar or a micro-influencer with loyal disciples, they’re here to promote your brand. We’ll empower them to do this with our six-step approach:


Elevate Your Brand’s Influence with a Full-Service Approach

We’re not just an influencer marketing agency; we’re your strategic partner in unlocking the full potential of influencer collaborations. The true impact of your influencer marketing will not be found sitting in silo – we maximise your investment to bring new brand voices into content for owned channels, media stories and beyond.

From idea generation and briefings, to content creation and editing, to organic and paid amplification across social channels, Smoking Gun manages the entire process end-to-end. 

Crafting Connections,
Amplifying Impact

Success hinges on the ability to create genuine connections and amplify brand impact. We understand that influencer partnerships are more than just transactions; they’re collaborations that transcend follower counts. 

Our expertise lies in identifying the right influencers for your brand, whether micro-influencers with niche followers or macro influencers with a global reach. By aligning their values with yours, we create campaigns that forge authentic connections.

So whether you’re aiming to tap into regional markets or be known on the international stage, our influencer campaigns go beyond flash-in-the-pan ads and endorsements. We take brands on a journey to discover the right personalities, voices and content to get to the heart of their audience’s lifestyles, interests and ethics.

A Holistic Approach to Deliver Results

At the heart of our strategies lies a commitment to deliver results that matter. We dive deep into understanding your brand, audience and market landscape. By harnessing data-driven insights, we develop influencer campaigns that resonate with precision. We manage relationships, ensuring that every post, video or story aligns seamlessly with your brand narrative. Through meticulous planning, creative execution and in-depth reporting, we ensure that every collaboration delivers tangible results.

Our reporting offers real-time performance tracking, enabling you to monitor campaign progress and engagement metrics. Our commitment to in-depth evaluation provides valuable insights beyond surface-level numbers, helping you gauge the resonance of influencer campaigns and their direct contribution to your business growth.

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Empower Your Brand's Influence Today

Ready to embrace the transformative power of influencer marketing? Partner with Smoking Gun to ignite conversations, amplify impact and elevate your brand’s presence. Whether it’s micro or mega influencer, local or global reach, we’re here to craft influencer campaigns that transcend expectations and achieve remarkable results.

Contact us today and discover the art of influencer marketing that drives business growth while resonating authentically with your target audience. Your brand’s influence begins here.

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