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Heartfelt Brews – Philips’ Influencers Share Love Through Coffee


When Smoking Gun launched Philips’ influencer and PR focused Valentine’s campaign, the excitement brewed. With a shared vision to revolutionise the coffee experience, Smoking Gun embarked on crafting engaging social-first content that would transform perceptions and ignite interest in Philips’ ‘barista-quality coffee for everyone’ proposition.

Key objectives included:

  • Driving brand awareness and purchase consideration during the key buying/gifting period.
  • Engaging and shareable social media content creation for Philips’ channels.
  • Communicating Philips’ coffee credentials, expertise, and product USPs.
  • Building credibility and advocacy around Philips coffee credentials among key influencers.
  • Educating consumers on the ease of use, convenience, and value for money of Philips coffee machines.
  • Ultimately, driving sales during the key buying period.


Under the strategic management of Smoking Gun’s Digital Team, the campaign, from concept creation to content editing and amplification, was executed flawlessly. We executed the strategy, focusing on showcasing the Philips coffee machine as the hero product, highlighting its ease of use and premium quality.

We produced fun and entertaining social-first videos with our chosen popular celebrity couples, presenting the coffee machines in a light-hearted and relatable manner. These videos emphasised the machine’s ease of use, convenience, and value for money, debunking myths about cost and complexity while capturing viewers’ interest with the influencers’ natural personalities.

As part of our integrated approach, we secured an exclusive feature with The Daily Mail.  Due to the highly engaging content, The Daily Mail published several follow-up articles, generating  significant reach and engagement with the content.

As a result, we not only successfully elevated Philips’ brand visibility but also drove sales during the crucial Valentine’s Day period.

The videos combined humour and engaging elements to highlight the ease of use and high quality of the coffee produced by the machines. This approach ensured the content felt authentic and relatable, encouraging viewers to share and engage with the posts

key outcomes

The Valentine’s Day content campaign was a successs, securing top-tier editorial coverage and driving significant engagement across social media.

Key outcomes included:

Video Views and Engagement –  The videos generated 1,395,697 views and 66,428 engagements, with viewers expressing admiration for the campaign’s creativity and humour. Many comments noted the desire to purchase a Philips coffee machine after watching the content.

Positive Feedback –  The content was well-received, with numerous positive comments about the celebrities involved and the overall quality of the ads. Fans appreciated the humour and relatability of the videos.

Brandter with McVities –  Philips engaged in a playful social media exchange with the famous biscuit brand McVities, enhancing the campaign’s visibility and engagement.

Market Impact –  Brand tracking indicated a significant market share growth, from 9.6% in 2023 to 16% in early 2024, overtaking Siemens to become the number two brand in the market.

Media Coverage –  The campaign earned substantial media coverage, with 23 pieces of earned news and owned social posts reaching a total audience of 2,287,846. Top-tier media publications featured 100% of the coverage, with all containing key campaign messages.

Influencer Impact –  The influencer content scored highly in Espresso Qual research for being fun, engaging, and showcasing the coffee machine effectively. The Daily Mail Online and other major outlets published multiple pieces about the campaign, further extending its reach.

The campaign demonstrated the power of using relatable, engaging content to shift brand perception and drive consumer action, setting a new standard for how Philips communicates its coffee machine offerings.



organic reach of social posts


total clicks from social


total video views on social media


video engagements


engagements on celebrity posts

100% of coverage

featured in top-tier media, all containing key messages

Earned Media Reach


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