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Data and Insights

How do we do this?

It’s digital marketing supercharged. By using two segmentation algorithms, we uncover topics your target demographic cares about and the opinion leaders they respect. We cluster people based on their shared behaviour – looking at the customer journey and how they interact.

This approach allows us to identify key stakeholders in conversations and individuals who connect communities to a topic or brand. It’s not based on reach, but the position of each stakeholder within a community, who knows them and how committed they are to sharing knowledge. This provides us with invaluable insights, integrating customer data with the user experience. Find out who your audience is and how they interact – which brand manager wouldn’t want to know this?

As a forward-thinking marketing agency, we also use a special algorithm that pinpoints the language central to conversations within online communities. We draw on a range of data sources from social media to your CRM or your website’s analytical cookies. We then cluster conversations which share the same language and reference points. This helps us to map key topics that would otherwise remain uncovered – be they in ecommerce, B2B or whichever industry you’re in.

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    Why stop at global stardom and incredible sales? When our clients work with us, they get the silverware to boot. We’re not into tooting our own horns, but the awards we’ve won with our clients are too good to miss…