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B2B PR Agency

British industry: the beating heart of the nation

We love a challenge at Smoking Gun, and nothing says challenge like connecting Britain’s biggest businesses. Spanning global industries from tech to manufacturing and FMCG, there’s so much fun to be had – if you’ve got the drive to be creative. Not only have we worked in a full range of sectors, but all departments too. Our B2B PR agency will help you see soaring sales, engaged buyers or real internal culture change.

At the core of every business is its people. Our human-centric campaigns move away from corporate cliches and help your brand realise and communicate its values. Whether it’s engaging hard to reach buyers, making you a thought leader or driving engagement for a trade show, we’ve got your vision guiding us. Build genuine relationships with media partners to show the world the face behind the business.

Thought leadership campaigns driven by the data that matters

How can you stand out from the competition? By staying ahead of the trends in your business – and innovating them. That’s why we employ meticulous research teams to go out and find the hard-hitting facts and insights on your industry. We lay the groundwork for eye-opening, memorable and thought-provoking campaigns.

There are 2.1 million trading companies in Britain. Make yours stand out.

Every business has a goal. Yours might be to dominate the market or hire the best talent. With an unwavering B2B PR agency like ours on your side, we can make that happen. Show, don’t tell – let the trade magazines go behind the scenes. Score interviews with the most influential journalists. Attract top tier staff with social campaigns that elevate your status. Whether you’re selling bricks or laptops, your brand has the power to influence. Join with us for culture-transforming campaigns, seamless sales funnels and market domination.

What a Specialist B2B PR Partner Will Deliver

A Specialist B2B PR Partner goes beyond the standard services offered by a traditional PR agency. We’ll bring to the table a unique blend of skillsets, expertise and a deep understanding of the B2B landscape. As subject matter experts, we won’t just be a supplier but an integral part of your team, working alongside you to achieve your communication and business goals.

At Smoking Gun we possess an in-depth knowledge of the complexities and nuances of the B2B arena. We understand the language, the players and what it takes to stand out in this highly competitive space. Our strategies are tailored to resonate with your target audience, whether it’s other businesses, stakeholders, industry influencers or decision makers.

Additionally, as your partner, we’ll deliver measurable results that align with your business objectives. By leveraging data and analytics, we’ll provide actionable insights, ensuring your PR initiatives are not only creative and engaging, but also data-driven and effective. In essence, a Specialist B2B PR Partner is the ace up your sleeve, transforming your public relations from a support function into a strategic asset.

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