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Retail PR

Why do I need retail PR? 

PR shapes the perception of your brand, builds relationships with your customers and amplifies your credibility and visibility. Whether you need thought leadership placement, tactical media relations, product showcases or creative campaigns, at Smoking Gun we make sure your brand gets the cut-through and rave reviews it deserves. A positive online presence is worth its weight in gold – so investing in a sterling PR agency to keep your reputation squeaky clean is essential. 

The retail world changes daily, with the rise of e-commerce and influencer hotspots, so having experts to hold your hand and provide dedicated support is a wise decision. Battling for market share in a world dominated by big influencer budgets, tight wholesale margins and unprecedented cart abandonment rates means you’ll need to dodge and hurdle the changes in the industry, and there’s no one better than us to deliver your strategy and drive sales for your business. 

We are a team of award-winning creatives, all set to efficiently and responsively overcome your biggest challenges when getting your products ‘out there’ and protect your brand’s reputation as if it’s our own. With the switch to the online retail realm digital engagement is essential – and we’re equipped with proven strategies that leverage social media, influencer partnerships and bespoke digital content to elevate your brand in a busy, noisy ecosphere. Innovation is at the heart of successful PR and capturing attention and generating excitement is our speciality. From viral stunts to witty lovable copy, we’ll position your as brand unique and desirable to secure sustainable, long-term success in the retail revolution. 

Retail PR opportunities

At Smoking Gun we’ve been around long enough to see some pretty significant changes take place in the retail space. The way we go about researching and buying products has changed beyond recognition, whilst there are still plenty of traditional selling avenues to be explored. Whether you’re a high street store, global retailer or ecommerce start-up, we captivate and convert crowds and unlock new possibilities for your brand, making the most of every single opportunity to promote and spotlight your products. 

PR is the nuts and bolts of showcasing success, building brand trust and communicating meaningfully with your customers. Thought leadership placements with insights and storytelling in top-tier publications and industry forums can transform your brand into the go-to expert in your niche and influence positive customer perceptions and confidence. Features on high-profile websites give you brilliant exposure and visibility, keeping you top-of-mind for both customers and industry leaders. 

Getting your product seen by the right people at the right time is best done through product-on-a-page placements – and the right placement can transform casual viewers into die-hard fans. Seeing your product in the context of an engaging story influences more intuitive purchasing decisions, creating a sense of urgency and desirability that nudges potential customers closer to purchasing.

We adopt a diverse and tailored approach to retail PR which is carefully developed in line with your brand, immediate and long-term goals and audience sentiment. From featuring your products in editorial spaces like magazines, blogs and news stories that align with your image to influencer reviews geared towards your target audience, our focus is on establishing tangible, robust outcomes for your retail brand. Trusted placements boost visibility and generate sales, delivering the sales boost you need now whilst also building firm foundations for future success. 

Media outreach in its many forms is key – but nothing speaks louder than the voice of your happy customers, and highlighting case studies offers authentic and relatable stories. Seeing is believing, and case studies are tangible proof that your brand delivers on its promises which is often much more convincing than any other marketing. We specialise in crafting unforgettable creative campaigns to grab attention in crowded marketplaces (and hold it). First impressions matter, and a creative campaign can be your megaphone for unique experiences, visuals, and stories to grab audience attention. People will remember how you made them feel, so our campaigns evoke strong human emotions, appeal to the heart and establish strong bonds that foster loyalty, advocacy, and talkability for your retail brand now and in the future.

Retail landscape evolution

The retail industry has undergone a seismic shift – it isn’t what it used to be, and brands struggling to keep up can easily get left behind. 

Remember when shopping meant browsing clothes rails and shelves? Gone are the days when you could set up a shop on the high street and wait for customers to walk in. Now the world has shifted to screens, and this monumental change means that the contemporary customer expectation is to be able to instantly buy anything from anywhere, with a few clicks on their phones. The rise of e-commerce giants and the convenience of online shopping means that customers now want a seamless experience across all touchpoints, from physical stores to the digital world. It’s no longer enough to have a great store and a functional website, an omnichannel approach delivered through excellent retail PR means brands show up in every place their customers are, creating a consistent and integrated experience.

The customers of today are savvy, prioritise the ethics of their products, and want them delivered yesterday. From AI-driven personalisation to AR shopping experiences, there are now many more avenues to explore when it comes to engaging your target customers. The increase in social media influencers and UGC content in particular has played a massive part in shifting how brands are showcasing their products. The flip side to all of these advancements in tech is that we now have more access to data than ever – and this goldmine of information enables us to create tailored marketing strategies and streamline our approach to precision-target your perfect customer.  

The retail industry is moving fast, and you need a master PR agency to keep you up to speed. Speak to us today.

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