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Persil: Cook With the Kids


We were tasked with creating noise around the launch of a harder working formula of leading FMCG brand – Persil Washing Up Liquid.

We wanted a campaign with meaning which touched vital triggers for our target audience. The strategy was to achieve cut through and create powerful and emotive memories linked to the product to help engender purchase swaps in store and also create a platform to demonstrate the products’ prowess in a fun manner.

  • Support the launch of Persil’s new harder working (12% more effective) Washing Up Liquid formulation.
  • Focus activity in a short period of time to make as much noise as possible – before bigger budgeted rivals can respond.
  • Communicate the benefits of the new formula to the target audience
  • Encourage busy mums to buy Persil Washing Up Liquid
  • Generate positive wide-reaching print and online press coverage and blogger endorsement

measurement & evaluation

We measured the success of this campaign, based not only on number of cuttings that reached our target consumer,
but also product key message penetration, blogger engagement, ‘promises’ made, website traffic and post-campaign product perceptions.



Our approach to this campaign resulted in 68 pieces of coverage, including six pieces of national coverage and 39 total hits mentioning the new formula, creating in total, over 200,000,000 opportunities to see.


100% of the bloggers who attended the workshop event or received new formula washing up liquid wrote positively about it. Those who attended the food fight called it ‘fabulous’ and ‘one of the best events’.


The campaign video we created, ‘host your own pizza party’, was shared by 24 media outlets and viewed almost 6,000 times. Meanwhile, online, we generated a 350% increase in daily visits to the Persil Washing Up Liquid website and gained over 100,000 parent ‘promises’.


And…most importantly, our post-campaign survey found that as a result of our activities, 72% of parents were more likely to cook with their kids and a stunning 86% were more likely to buy Persil Washing Up Liquid. Success.

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