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Landwood Group’s Strategic Management Buyout


As Landwood Group embarked on their management buyout journey, they recognised the need for a robust communication strategy that would eloquently convey the significance of the transition. 

Landwood Group’s MBO represented a transformative moment, shaping the future of the company and its relationship with stakeholders.

Smoking Gun, renowned for its property PR expertise, was enlisted to craft a campaign that informed and engaged stakeholders, conveying Landwood Group’s vision for the future. 

With a focus on clarity and transparency, Smoking Gun communicated key milestones and nurtured key relationships, driving awareness of Landwood Group’s evolution, fostering confidence in its future direction.

Key Objectives for the campaign were: 

Generate Media Buzz by securing widespread coverage to key business and trade titles, positioning the buyout as a strategic move, capitalising on industry changes and driving growth.

Highlight Expertise and leadership of the new ownership team, emphasising their vision for the company’s future and commitment to innovation.

Build Confidence in clients, stakeholders, and potential recruits by highlighting the stability and growth potential of Landwood Group under the new ownership structure.

Highlight Opportunities for Future Growth and expansion in both current and new service areas.

Team Empowerment and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Profiling the senior partners of the new leadership team to increase recognition and credibility.


Through targeted media outreach, press releases, and strategic storytelling, Smoking Gun endeavoured to secure coverage in relevant Tier 1 media publications, amplifying Landwood Group’s message and positioning the company as a leader in the property services sector.

The execution of the strategy involved proactive engagement with journalists, editors, and industry experts, fostering relationships built on trust and credibility. By providing timely and insightful commentary, Landwood Group established itself as a go-to source for expert insights and thought leadership within the property industry.

By leveraging the reach and influence of the media, Landwood Group aimed to generate positive momentum, foster trust, and build a solid foundation for sustained success in the wake of the management buyout.

As Landwood Group navigated the complexities of the MBO process, they did so with confidence, knowing that their partnership with Smoking Gun ensured that their story was heard, understood, and embraced by stakeholders and the wider community.


Media coverage

was secured across key Tier 1 titles such as Estates Gazette, Property Week, The Business Desk, Insider and Place North West

Media reach of more than 5 million

and an average DA of 52


of coverage included key messaging

Post engagements

on LinkedIn spiked 472%, comments rose by 1033% and reposts increased 41%

New business

spiked with in-bound enquiries

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