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Broadcast PR

Broadcast coverage. But not as you know it.

We’re at a tipping point for broadcast media relations. Rewind even as recently as pre-pandemic and you’ll remember how much streaming services have changed. Content is on-demand, addressable TV is hypertargeting ads, and customers are discovering brands at multiple touchpoints.

Our goal is to get you front of mind at every touchpoint. If you’ve got something to say, we’ll train you in broadcast media relations, helping you to establish your brand as a thought leader.

We know broadcast can seem like a scary world, and we guide you every step of the way from briefing to execution to give you the confidence to deliver. We move quickly to secure the opportunities linked to breaking news in your industry, and just as importantly, we know when to turn opportunities down to safeguard your brand.

From PPC to the BBC

One of the most impactful ways to increase brand awareness is to generate a buzz through broadcast coverage. While your traditional digital marketing campaigns are working away in the background, your broadcast public relations put you front and centre. We’ve secured airtime for some of the UK’s biggest consumer brands, hitting their target audiences on shows like BBC Breakfast and ITV Good Morning Britain.

Get your brand on speed dial for the leading producers in TV and radio – and work with us to deliver a killer package to reach consumers on mass and get your competitors talking. 

Broadcast public relations is all about timing. Go for an engaged audience every time.

We’ve seen first-hand how influential certain events can be to bolster PR campaigns – from Super Bowl advertising to newsjacking for product promotion. With our award-winning data and insights, we’re always monitoring what’s on trend to make sure you can pounce on your audience when they’re ready to act. Work with PR professionals to finesse your message, whether you’re being interviewed or crafting the perfect TV ad.

How we'll help you

Specialist broadcast PR agency services

Not sure how to handle TV or radio media coverage? We’ll train your spokespeople in media relations and get you camera-ready, poised to showcase your organisation in the right light. 


Podcasting and vlogging consultancy

Whether it’s audio or video production, it all has the potential to strike a chord with your audience. Create a professional bank of assets that will help you secure coverage in the nation’s biggest titles.


Award-winning advertising campaigns

Go big or go home. Whether it’s a catchy jingle on a radio station or an ad that sticks in people’s minds, we’ve got the creative ingenious. All we need from you is a brief.


From the big screen to right in their pockets.

The average customer needs eight touch points before they interact with your product. So why not hit them from all angles? Produce podcasts for mobile apps, get your voice heard in radio interviews and get your brand seen on telly. We’re creating broadcast content people want to talk about.

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