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Beyond awareness days

Partner with a vegan PR agency that can look beyond the month of Veganuary. While awareness days work wonders for promoting good causes, we understand that it goes beyond short-lived campaigns – the real difference comes from lifestyle change. We partner with vegan businesses that want to effect real, long-term change – not jump on the bandwagon.

We’ve worked with brands that have launched new plant-based products, as well as “accidental vegan” firms who’ve realised they can make a difference. So how can we make a difference without preaching – and how can we disrupt something so essential to British culture – food? It all starts with bravery.

Leveraging food and drink marketing expertise

Food is one of the central pillars of modern culture, impacting everything from social occasions to healthy lifestyles and religious ceremonies. At Smoking Gun, we understand the fundamentals of food – from maintaining legal compliance to creating mouth-watering campaigns. We believe the same principles can be applied to vegan PR, even in a carnivorous world.

Vegan PR goes beyond the plate. It’s about principles.

The best vegan marketing agencies understand that a vegan lifestyle isn’t just a diet. It’s about sustainable lifestyle choices and ethical decisions. We thread this into every campaign we create, starting with rigorous research – from ingredients to brand sentiment and global trends. 

We’ll then empower your customers to make great choices. Hard-hitting media stories, compelling social media campaigns and immersive video showcase the very best of a vegan lifestyle. We’re here to convince your customers that vegans aren’t missing out; they’re giving back. This isn’t about lecturing; it’s about grabbing media coverage with real insights into how vegan food trends can change the world.

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