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The Rise Of The Shrewd Shopper

With change comes opportunity…

Consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before. They are buying less, shopping around and every purchase is considered. 

Brand loyalty is diminishing in favour of best price. Brands that were never your competition are now. And, customers you would never have previously targeted are walking through your doors and visiting your online stores. 

A recent Froghop survey showed 62% of customers now make a shopping list before heading to supermarkets. Product and service choices have become much more premeditated – and far less impulsive.

So with the rise of the shopping list, what can brands do to stay on top?

We’ve drawn on newly commissioned data, expertise from pioneering thought leaders and our own depth of experience helping the nation’s biggest brands find their voices, to bring you an essential guide to ensuring your brand in never crossed off Brits’ trusty shopping list.

Brands that adapt their strategy today to stay relevant, win hearts as well as minds, and understand their customers as individuals will leave their competition in the dust.

Packed with insights, practical tips and actionable opportunities for marketers, our report explores:

Shopping – by Attitude 

Brands Enhancing Life Moments

Escapism and Consumers as Co-Creators 

Personalisation and the Demand for Transparency

My World Vs Big World 

Opportunities Abound for Ballsy Brands 

In times of unrest and financial uncertainty, brave brands will focus on their reputation and hold their nerve to bounce back more strongly when recovery comes. If you’re looking for support to turbocharge your communications strategy, talk to us today.


We would like to sincerely thank our ingenious partners, Brand Edge and Reapp, in the bringing together of this report. 

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