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An FMCG PR treat


One of our favourite FMCG PR clients, Oven Pride asked us to get to work raising awareness of the link between Easter, Spring, and its oven cleaner – remembering the brand’s tongue-in-cheek tone of voice – in turn driving sales. We jumped to social media, and looked to the then-new US President for some witty, and tasty, inspiration, winning a CIPR PRide award in the process.


One of our favourite FMCG PR clients, Oven Pride, wanted to tie-in its oven cleaner with Easter, cementing the relationship between spring and cleaning, not to mention big family meals and dirty cookers, whilst also showing off the brand’s cheeky sense of humour.

Naturally, then, we were called to action, with the overall goal of driving sales during one of the most important periods for the company.

measurement & evaluation

Our measurement of success was based on a comparison between 2016 and 2017’s Oven Pride social media activity.

results - facebook

Reach 2017

37,347  (1,194.1% uplift on previous year)

Reach 2016


Engagements 2017

441 (1,322.6% uplift on previous year)

Engagements 2016


results - twitter

Impressions 2017

516,271 ( 6945.2% uplift on previous year)

Impressions 2016


Engagements 2017

80,249 (38,481.3% uplift on previous year)

Engagements 2016


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