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Crypto PR

Making sense of crypto PR

Make no mistake: cryptocurrency brands are brave brands, and they love to keep up the chase. We’ve worked with everybody from start-ups to established influencers in the crypto field, so we know exactly how challenging it is to stay ahead. 

When it comes to this sophisticated technology, you need a PR agency you can trust. That’s why we use the Qual LiteTM method to gather essential data insights. We don’t guess or make sweeping statements about NFTs, Web3 and decentralised apps. We measure brand sentiment and find the latest trends for you to comment on – positioning you as a crypto thought leader.

Thought leadership with effective PR campaigns

So, how can we turn your cryptocurrency wisdom into headline-grabbing content? Draft press releases showcasing the latest trends in blockchain, Bitcoin and more. Create informative video campaigns that cut through the noise and keep customers informed, without overwhelm.

Build a community out of your target audience by harnessing content marketing and social media, whether it’s a data-led blog post, long-form whitepaper or targeted social ads campaign. Investors need to work with a company they can trust. We’ll help you create social proof through case studies, media relations and influencer marketing.

The crypto industry cannot be ignored. Our PR campaigns put you in the spotlight.

From cutting-edge fintech to challenger brands leveraging blockchain technology, we’ve struck a chord through targeted content creation. Join the likes of crypto influencers who have seen their name in national redtops, secured TV appearances and built links from authoritative websites in their sector. With a multi-pronged PR strategy, we’ll target your audience through community management, building authority with digital marketing and traditional PR.

How we'll help you

Crypto social media marketing

Drive engagement with influencer partnerships or put your finance brand front and centre with a laser-focused paid ads campaign.


Podcasting and vlogging consultancySEO for crypto projects

Grow your online reputation with well-researched content ripe for backlinking, gaining you brand authority by collaborating with the right media outlets.


Content marketing for the crypto space

Whether it’s a guest blog for outreach or a data-driven whitepaper, we’ll partner you with the experts or gather data to create showstopping content.


Finance is just the beginning.

The blockchain industry is set to take over, and we’re here to keep you one step ahead. Contact Smoking Gun for a marketing strategy that takes a deep dive into this fascinating industry. We love a challenge, and crypto is as competitive as it gets. It all starts with a free consultation. Ready for your next challenge?

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