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Where were you on World Emoji Day?

On 17th July the planet paid homage to those little smiley yellow faces that are fast becoming a language in their own right. So how did brands take advantage of this clear marketing opportunity?
Contrary to popular belief, the humble emoji actually began its journey towards digital communication dominance back in 1998, long before phrases like social media were a thing, and before mobile phones came with features like colour screens. It was all part of an experiment in how to transform digital communications. The experiment worked.
Initially only available in Japan, in just over a decade emojis would be included in Apple’s iOS, shortly followed by Android, and now there’s even an animated movie in development, centred on these shorthand symbols for emotions.
As such it’s unsurprising to have seen so many companies jump on the back of World Emoji Day, eager to create colourful content celebrating the icons, whilst also promoting a business. Inspired, we’ve compiled the following collection of the best examples from earlier this month, so take a look at what was on offer.
Disney UK
It’s almost as though Disney knew about World Emoji Day when deciding which month to unveil its new cartoon feature, Inside Out. The movie focuses on a series of characters that represent the inner emotions of humans, and the brand created this image to tie in with the date in question.

Walkers  Britain’s favourite brand of crisps decided to use a selection of emojis to recreate the iconic red Ready Salted-flavour bags, showcasing the way in which the symbols can be re-appropriated for uses outside the obvious display of feelings.

Samsung Mobile UK 
An effort that can be summarised succinctly simply by referencing the hashtag used in the Tweet… #EmojisThatDontExistButShould. Self-explanatory, have a look here on Twitter for some of the funniest examples.

Ford Italia “Don’t emoji and drive???, the image text instructs us. The problem being that with a veritable artistic masterpiece on display it’s hard not to want to get involved, even if you are behind the wheel.

The broadcaster turned This Morning presenters into living emojis for the occasion. Here’s a picture of them learning how to cook the perfect Piri Piri chicken. It’s unclear why there’s a spaceship taking off in the background, but who cares?

Smoking Gun PR 
Never ones to miss a trick, we decided to recreate our team as their favourite emojis for Smoking Gun PR’s latest in-house video. We’re sure you’ll agree it’s a lot of fun- from awkward monkeys to people with love in their eyes.

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