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Vegan influencer marketing: Top 10 YouTubers revealed

Vegan Influencer marketing

Vegan Influencer marketing

We don’t shouldn’t have to explain how much Smoking Gun is concerned with influencer marketing. As one of the fastest growing comms sectors, it’s our job to stay on top of things. Our team also has a strong track record with vegan marketing. As such we thought it about time to dedicate a blog post to vegan influencer marketing.

Makes sense, no? As if reading our minds the good folk at plant-based Chewsygum have commissioned research on the top 10 vegan YouTubers — their reach, specialisms and even income. Needless to say, we were more than interested in the results. Read on if you feel the same.

Who are the top YouTubers for vegan influencer marketing?

The survey has produced a lovely infographic, which we’ve embedded below, revealing all the details you need to know about who’s bringing in the most cash from vegan influencer marketing — with merchandise sales six times higher than advertising revenue. Take a look.

Vegan influencer marketing

How much reach do they have?

824 public respondents also contributed to the study. Here’s what they tell us…

*42% actively watch vegan YouTubers

*31% trust their advice

How should we read those numbers?

This figures tell us that although popular, there’s still some way to go before vegan YouTubers are trusted sources. However, the same can be said across the board for on-demand stars — influencer marketing’s biggest hurdle is convincing the world of its legitimacy.

It’s also vital to not that 59% didn’t trust the YouTubers because of a lack of nutritional qualifications. This would then imply that by drafting in the services of people with a professional background that trust rate would improve. More proof of the rising importance of micro-influencers — those who are respected in their fields but may not have a huge reach — which is explained in our 2019 guide to influencer marketing.

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