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Top 5 unofficial Olympic campaigns

The Games are big business, with strict rules on commercial tie-ins. But amid the maelstrom of legitimate partner messages there have been some equally effective unaffiliated adverts successfully grabbing our attention.
Only official sponsors like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, P&G, Acer, Atos Origin, Dow, GE, Omega, Panasonic, Samsung, Visa and Addidas can exploit the sporting showcase with profiteering intent, though this hasn’t stopped daring advertising departments from jumping on the bootleg bandwagon. Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed a number of excellent examples, the best of which we’ve listed below in a celebration of cheeky innovation and barefaced ingenuity.
Aviva – British Athletes
How do you officially unofficially link with the greatest show on Earth? Well, this insurance giant did it by sponsoring Team GB athletes over successive years, before hosting its own Aviva Trials 2012 in July, wherein the nation’s top competitors went head to head, providing plenty of photo opportunities.

Oddbins – We Can’t Talk About It
The UK’s most famous off-license chain struck gold with its latest advertising campaign, pictured here. Many stores are also offering a 30% discount if you go in with a product made by rivals of the main Olympic sponsors, for example Vauxhall car keys or an RBS bank statement. Brave moves indeed.

Nike – #Findyourgreatness
By filming locations across the globe that all share a name with Britain’s capital- i.e. London, Canada- and sending out a clear message that ‘not all great athletes are in SW19’ it’s amazing the U.S. sportswear giant hasn’t wound up in hot water with the people in charge of Olympic branding. Still, it’s an effective advert.

Specsavers – As They Might Say In North Korea
As highlighted in our Blagger’s Blog the first major blunder of London 2012 occurred as a South Korean flag was shown next to members of the North Korean women’s football team. Cue plenty of embarrassment, and an entire ad based on the fact whoever was responsible should have gone to a certain opticians.
Subway – My Personal Best
OK, so this televised 30-second spot is irritating, and the athletes used are a little wooden on camera. But, by drafting in two of Team GB’s biggest hopes to help promote a pair of sandwiches, Subway’s current campaign has used the Olympic podium without even mentioning the Games. Job done then.

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