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Top 5 PR podcasts


On-demand listening has become the latest digital phenomenon. It appeals not only to PR and internal communications professionals, but everyone from your busy nine-to-late commuters to dinner party conversationalists.

As podcasts have soared in popularity over the last half-decade and high-quality content has become more accessible, brands have begun taking notice of this PR opportunity.

With low costs and huge opportunities to engage with target audiences, podcasts could soon become a go-to medium in a similar way to social media.

Companies can tell their story through a compelling format, to a more engaged audience than ever before. People who have actively chosen to press play, either on a branded podcast or an editorial podcast a company has sold a story into, a la traditional press.

Here at Smoking Gun, listening to podcasts is a huge part of our day-to-day, and not just on a business level but also personal. Hence so much debate in the office while we tried to finalise this list of five top PR podcasts.

PR Week Review

PR Week Review offers PRs the chance to catch up on the latest news and trends in the industry. It focuses on the major headlines, breaking communications stories and industry current affairs. Weekly opinion pieces and interviews with experts in the field help you stay updated with new campaign approaches and PR strategies.

PRMoment Podcast

The PRMoment Podcast provides communications analysis of the media. This includes corporate communications, social media and internal communications. They feature regular reviews from a PR perspective, and dig deep into high-profile PR campaigns. Interviews with PR leaders also look into what it’s like to work in the sector.

The Guardian Today in Focus

Every weekday Anushka Asthana brings us the story behind the headlines. In short; a deeper understanding of what’s actually setting the news agenda.

Word of Mouth

Created by BBC Radio 4, Word of Mouth is a series about the value of words. As consultants at a PR agency, we’re wordsmiths and need to tell a story that’s meaningful and engaging. The language has to be deliberate, creative, and relevant.

Make it Happen

Jen Carringon, host of Make It Happen, is a creative coach on a mission. She aims to help purpose-driven creatives cultivate and build impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative lives. Her podcast shares ideas, insights and conversations about maximising your creative potential.


One more thing…

According to Ofcom, 6million UK adults are tuning-in to podcasts each week, and given we are now well past the dawn of on-demand home streaming services and devices (“Alexa… Play the latest PR Week Review”), it’s hardly surprising that the age of not just on-demand listeners, but also on-demand marketing, is upon us.

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