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The Ingenious Round-Up 19th August 2013

It’s that time again; time for the weekly Ingenious Round Up.
You’ve heard of bullet proof vests but you might not have heard of their new sibling – air conditioned vests. After recent heat waves in China left workers struggling, these ingenious vests rocketed in popularity. Cold air circulates through small tubes within the garment to keep the wearer cool; these little heroes can reduce body temperature by up to 20 degrees Celsius.

On a wackier note, a recent art exhibition used iPads to create augmented reality, turning tattoos into 3D structures. Creepily dubbed ‘Shifting Skin’, the exhibit was created by AR overlays that were added to images of tattoos in creative software ‘Aurasma’ so that, when viewed through a tablet, they became 3D. Viewers explored texture and surfaces of tattoos for the first time at a university in Australia.

Now for an ingenious discovery that is a tad more realistic for everyday life. The £10 ‘Lazyglasses’ allow you to watch TV or read whilst lying flat on your back – with no pesky neck strain. Effectively, you fix miniature periscopes onto your face. Flattering? No. Handy? Oh yes.

Lastly, something a little more ingenious and a little less novelty. You’ve probably caught some of the buzz surrounding 3D printers, but have you seen the first commercial 3D bioprinter? Organovo’s NovoGen MMX Bioprinter is manufacturing liver tissue that will soon allow drugs to be tested in order to revolutionize medical practice.

Pop by next week for your next dose of ingenious; we think it might just be the best way to perk up a dull Monday.

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