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The Ingenious Round Up 12th August 2013

As the pioneers of Ingenious PR, we’re bringing you a weekly round up of ingenious concepts and inventions from around the web. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to the end of this post filled with new found inspiration to go and do something ingenious.
First up is the unsettling but nevertheless ingenious ‘laser death test’, recently developed by scientists. A simple, painless pulse is applied to the skin and analyses the endothelial cell that lines the capillaries. Oscillations in these cells then help determine the imminence of a person’s death as well as testing for conditions such as dementia.

On a lighter note a new implantable device is bringing hope to the medical world as it offers the possibility of an improved deep brain stimulation treatment. This ingenious little piece of kit could drastically improve the treatment of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s by reacting to the patient’s body thus eliminating the need for constant tweaking of electrical pulses. Clever, eh?

If this sticky and frankly unpredictable British summer is dragging you down then these sel-cooling windows might be for you. Drawing on the knowledge that our blood vessels dilate when hot to allow more circulation, these windows have a series of ‘ultrathin channels’ that allow water to circulate and cool the area.

Finishing off this ingenious round up (we don’t want to overwhelm you, do we?) is the Lernstift. German for ‘learning pen’, this digital piece of stationary improves handwriting and spelling skills by giving off corrective vibrations. With an impressive Linux operating system and Wi-Fi capability this is certainly an impressive addition to any pencil case. Developers hope to add grammar, syntax and multi-lingual features to the pen. Impressive.

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