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The future of live (music) video production?

God bless the modern world. Granted, it’s not all hunky dory; for example just this afternoon we heard Britain may be about to cull a huge amount of deer. If you’ve ever seen Bambi, you’ll know that’s unpleasant news. But, nevertheless, there are plenty of plus sides to life in 2013 too, and not just the huge quantities of venison we may soon be forced to eat.
Technology is certainly one major selling point, with near-weekly advancements taking us ever closer to what science-fiction authors of the 20th Century might have labelled ‘the future’. Missions to mars are being launched, commuters will soon be exploring the stratosphere and beyond, whilst here on planet Earth thanks to mobile advancements we have access to untold amounts of information, providing there’s WiFi or decent enough reception.
Like any public relations agency we like to keep abreast with developments on all sides of the industry, and so news today that Mativision, a premium music video service, can now offer live streams, is fascinating. Already producing fully interactive footage allowing fans to see performances by stadium bands like Muse, from any angle in full HD, this development means the firm can now broadcast gigs as they happen, from any perspective. Whether you want to watch the crowd or artist, any view is possible, instantly.
From a PR perspective, fundamentally it’s interesting to see another attempt to create a promotional tool with interactive content. There are plenty of other companies offering 360-degree, interactive films, however the ability to stream this to both computers and mobile devices in real time is a world first. Perhaps more importantly, it probably won’t be the last attempt to do this, either. Of course we’re not saying the idea will take off, but if it does there’s no reason it can’t be put to work on other campaigns that don’t involve rock stars and stage shows. After all, pretty much anything- within the law- can be put on film.
If nothing else then it’s likely we’ll see further experimentation from the music and entertainment industries over the coming years, meanwhile the rise and rise of video content in general shows no sign of stopping, meaning corporate clients with a decent budget may also look to explore these avenues- there are already plenty of marketing clips with prompts to click, and other interactive aspects, so this is really just another step forward.  Take a look at the legendary Seasick Steve in concert to see how it all works, enjoy the tune, and then consider what else could be done with this kind of kit.

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