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The Blagger's Blog – Tiegate, Leo for the win, lo-fi crash coverup

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“I can go shopping in the great shopping centre of the world, Holloway Road N7, and he’s stuck with Bond Street.??? Jeremy Corbyn, digging at David Cameron in response to the latter’s comments regarding the Labour Party leader’s appearance during Prime Minister’s Questions earlier this week.

Weekly High

It’s the Academy Awards on Sunday over in Tinsel Town, and whilst nobody really wants to watch the live broadcast (it’s on very late in the UK due to time difference, and is pretty boring) it seems everyone who knows something about film want Leonardo DiCaprio to bag an Oscar for The Revenant, partly because of his great performance but also due to the fact he hasn’t won before (despite being in some Grade A movies). To show support, Odeon Leicester Square decided to go for a rebrand. Take a look.

Weekly Low


We’re in Australia this week, Melbourne to be exact, where a Ballarat Gold Bus smashed into a light rail bridge, resulting in terrified passengers and thankfully only cuts and bruises (although ten people were taken to hospital for observation). Not great for customer satisfaction, what makes matters worse is that shortly after the accident a ‘specialist’ turned up to tape over the branding on the side of the vehicle in an attempt to, quite literally, cover up the firm’s association with resulting news images. We would strongly advise against ever following suit.

Stories To Keep An Eye On

The first new standalone national newspaper to launch in the UK for 30 years is arriving on Monday. The New Day comes from Trinity Mirror, and will be sold in over 40,000 shops and aims to be neutral, upbeat and optimistic.

Steven Gerrard is set to become the new football columnist at The Telegraph newspaper.

Just in case you missed it

Continuing our travel PR focussed month, this week we have considered the importance of going the extra mile for customers in a competitive market, looking specifically at Virgin Atlantic’s new San Francisco to Denver route, and the airline’s position as a U.S. market leader with tech-forward domestic flights for all standards of ticket.

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