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The Blagger's Blog- Stone Roses 'like Bryan Adams', BBC lifeline, dogs as accessories

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort

This is Bryan Adams, not one of the Stone Roses

Quote of the week

“As it started, I thought it sounded like Bryan Adams fronting Rainbow. And then I realised that it sounded more like Rainbow, the kids’ TV show.”

Guardian reader and Stone Roses fan Daniel Thompson, in the Guardian’s collection of public reviews of the new Stone Roses single, unveiled last night. It’s probably the funniest thing you’ll read today, so here is the full article.

Weekly High


In a major coup for campaigners, the UK government has scaled back controversial plans for the BBC this week. This means no money will be taken from Cbeebies and CBBC budgets for the time being; no government heads will be placed on the BBC board for the forseeable future; shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Great British Bake Off will retain their peak time slots; and funding for the broadcaster has been protected.


Weekly Low


Online fashion retailer Lyst has just launched a new campaign for its so-called Canine Collection, which allows shoppers to order dogs to accompany their wares. The jury seems to be out as to whether it’s a hoax or not, we’re guessing it is, but reactions from public, press and representatives of the RSPCA don’t seem to find it funny in the slightest, meaning this one has apparently backfired.

Stories to keep an eye on

Instagram has a new logo, and people aren’t very happy about it. Here’s a designer’s point of view from The Drum.

The Parisian office of New York Times Co. is to close, ceasing both press and editing operations in the French capital.

Air France has introduced a unique new service, Cinema to Go, which allows passengers to continue watching a movie after they get off their flight, from the comfort of their own home.

Just in case you missed it

This week we’ve looked at some of the worst Food and Drink PR fails, whilst considering whether Google is right to block ads from payday lenders.

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