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The Blagger's Blog – Honey G, men in high heels, Facebook lies

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“Straight up, you can tell Honey G comes from the streets.”

Snoop Doggy Dogg discussing X Factor hopeful Honey G. The rap legend has now apparently invited her out to the US to work with him if things don’t pan out on the TV show.

Weekly high

This week we were really impressed by this video of men trying to wear high heels in the office for a full day- the fundamental point being that it’s a bit much for employers to make female employees wear high heels every day. Top marks, Stylist.

Weekly low


Now this one is pretty scandalous. Facebook has fessed up to ‘inflating’ its average video viewing times- the social network spent two years ignoring people who viewed vids for under three seconds when collating figures, the same figures ad agencies use to calculate the value of buying commercial space on Zuckerberg’s behemoth. Not OK really.


Stories to keep an eye on

New WhatsApp policy changes are coming into effect, which will basically see a lot more user information shared with Facebook from 25th September. India’s courts are not best pleased.

New media titled The Lad Bible has hired a 16 year old for its newsroom, stating that this is in a bid to understand the next phase of digital.

Google is investing $1million in YouTube Creators for Change, a new project focused on social change and the promotion of tolerance.

Just in case you missed us

This week we have have been mostly looking at some of the nifty new additions to Apple’s iOS update, specifically from a work- PR and marketing- point of view.

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