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The Blagger's Blog – Grimsby, St Elmo's Fire, Clean For The #Fail

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“In which the privately-schooled, Oxbridge-educated Sacha Baron Cohen invites us to laugh at his latest creation: a bloke with no job and 11 kids.” Leicester Mercury’s review of the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie, Grimsby, which has been unanimously slated by critics from what we’ve seen in the past seven days.

Weekly High

Although we love iPhones, everyone at Smoking Gun PR appreciates any good tech, and any great ad. Hence our favourite moment since last Friday being the first time we saw this beauty, promoting the Android OS, featuring one of our top tunes of all time, St. Elmo’s Fire by John Parr. Check it out.

Weekly Low


‘Tory Britain at its worst’, claimed New Statesman. Meanwhile, of the 70,000 mentions of Clean For The Queen on Twitter, the most audible were definitely negative. The idea of getting people out and about tidying Britain’s streets last weekend isn’t bad per se, but the marketing and PR behind this one definitely failed to hit the mark. See the picture above of Michael Gove pretending to be a high vis-clad ‘worker’ if you don’t believe us.

Stories To Keep An Eye On

Twitter Moments has been updated, already. Links can now be embedded, meaning you can click through to an article or similar, and then jump straight back to the position you left in Moments. Handy.

Wednesday was International Women’s Day, and Marketing Week compiled a great feature on global social media campaigns celebrating women. Take a look here.

Just in case you missed it

This week we’ve pondered over the idea of beacon advertising- individually targeted commercials, deals and offers that communicate with mobiles when in the vicinity of a beacon. The tech is about to take a huge leap forward, from rarity to potential commonplace sight, but is it all a bit too intrusive? 

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