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The Blagger's Blog- All change at Auntie, Mario in Manc, RIP International NYTimes

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“Do we, the media, do enough today, to explain and explore? Or are we too busy moving on to the next thing, in thrall to the pace of news?”

Helen Boaden, who stepped down today from the role of Director of BBC Radio after 34 years at the corporation. Read her criticisms of modern journalism in full for The Independent here.

Weekly high

So this week Mario Kart, probably the best thing that’s ever been made ever, came to Manchester. Better yet, someone filmed it. God bless the PLAY Expo, which is why this happened, and praise be for the evidence- from round our way in the city, to the shadow of Old Trafford, it’s certainly one way of grabbing people’s attention.

Weekly low

After 130 years of service in the French capital, the (somewhat legendary) International New York Times has closed down its Paris office. Formerly the International Herald Tribune and, before that- for any fans of Jean Luc Godard’s early movies- New York Herald Tribune, although the publication will still exist, pre-production editing and staff writers will no longer be based in France. An industry laments.


Stories to keep an eye on

James Purnell, former Labour Culture Secretary, has been appointed BBC Radio Director

Someone has made an app called Cobbler Concierge, so basically on-demand shoe repair

According to current figures, ad sales on Snapchat will hit almost $1billion in 2017.

Just in case you missed us

The latest edition of our monthly newsletter came out this morning, offering- amongst other things- 5 free tools for better PR measurement and evaluation. On top of that you’ll find MD Rick Guttridge’s thoughts on baking, football and greed; proof that PR belongs in the SEO mix; and examples of social media in emergency situations. Oh, and our regular office news update.

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