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The Blagger's Blog 9th January 2016

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“The whole thing is hugely distasteful, and is going for that double axis of death and human remains and interest in ‘sexy’ artefacts.” Dr. Tony Pollard, director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, commenting on Channel 5’s latest foray into reality TV, Nazi War Diggers, in which people unearth everything from shrapnel to skeletons in a bid to entertain us.

Weekly High

It’s the first week of January and that means we’ve all got at least one unwanted Christmas present taking up room in the closet/wardrobe/cupboard under the stairs. Inspired by this, some genius at Skittles in Canada decided to open a pop up sweet shop from 26th-30th December, wherein customers could trade the presents they didn’t want for the treats they did. We’re just hoping now the campaign has finished the brand makes a photo book containing pictures of all the items received.


Weekly Low

A recent gaffe by PM David Cameron in the Houses of Parliament was tweeted out, word for word, by the Conservative Party press office. We’re not quite sure if this is an attempt to rival Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘honest politics’ mantra or not.


Stories To Keep An Eye On

Once the go-to web browser, Microsoft is set to abandon support for its Internet Explorer software. How times they do change, eh?

Just in case you missed it

This week we’ve been looking at ‘mood-tech’ on show at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, and asking whether this means the future is bright or bleak.

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