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The Blagger's Blog 30th October 2015

Your weekly digest of media news and talking points, sans effort


Quote of the week

“It’s so easy to make fun of because it’s new and different. But once you get into it and understand it more, you realise that it is something cool and awesome.??? ‘King of YouTube’ PewDiePie, discussing YouTube’s rise as a respected medium for multi-million-earning stars, like himself.

Weekly High

We all know that Wednesday was Back To The Future Day. Read our post on it here. However, you might have missed the fact Nike used the opportunity for what may be the nicest and smarts PR stunt of the year. The footwear giant sent Michael J Fox a prototype of the world’s first self-lacing trainers, like those featured in the 1985 movie. Mr Fox suffers from Parkinson’s, a condition that effects the nervous system and motor skills. Plans are in place to auction off more pairs of the shoes in 2016 to raises money for research into the disease.

Weekly Low

TalkTalk is the latest company to fall foul of hackers, as news hit last night that millions of the internet provider’s customers private data had been accessed and stolen. As compensation, those with accounts are to be offered 12 months free credit monitoring so they can keep an eye on suspicious activity. The firm is being criticised for not encrypting sensitive information, hence this being a massive failure.



Stories To Keep An Eye On

Sky has accused YouTube of fabricating data and quoting false viewing figures in a bid to lure advertisers off TV and onto digital. 

Xi Jinping, President of China, is visiting Manchester today alongside David Cameron in a bid to attract investment from the Far East. Protests are expected. 

The New York Times is to launch a new virtual reality app on 5th November. 

Just in case you missed it

This week we’ve been thinking about brand identities, and how far is too far when it comes to brand names and marketing stand points in the wake of a certain London coffee shop being issued with a legal instruction to change its signage. Read all about it here.

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