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The Blagger's Blog 30th November 2012

A weekly roundup of talking points, sans effort


Thought for the week

“We should be wary of any legislation that has the potential to infringe free speech and the free press.” UK Prime Minister David Cameron in response to the Leveson recommendations that British press be brought further under the law, a move proposed to end ‘a culture of reckless and outrageous journalism’.

Worth the paper it’s printed on

Light news success stories in the papers this week included…
…Cheryl Cole wearing a notably figure-hugging leather dress, with 6 articles ogling and reporting on that, more than the 4 focused on the Irish Daily Star’s Editor resigning following Kate Middleton’s topless pictures…
…Strictly Come Dancing contestant Victoria Pendleton being voted off the reality show, as per 8 stories, in contrast the Chinese blogger facing five years in jail for ‘spreading terrorist information’ managed to make it into just 3…
… and finally, Ella Henderson being voted off the X Factor, with 17 articles reporting on the judge’s decision, by comparison closure of an EU legal loophole regarding shark finning only ran in 3.
(Source: Journalisted)

Weekly high

Nobody likes big-headedness, but then being nominated for 9 CIPR North West PRide Awards is well worth mentioning. So is winning four silvers and one gold on the big night. Of course there’s still plenty of work to do, but sometimes it’s good to give yourself a pat on the back. Good work team.


Weekly low

Though there were several contenders in the last seven days, and whilst our shock that Rolf Harris may now be involved in this scandal, it’s ‘paedophile MP’ Cyril Smith who can lay claim to be our lowest point, and not just because now the country is asking how far this whole thing goes.


 Things that might happen this week…

Internet access may be restored in Syria after the government closed off all connections in a bid to quash the rebel movement, pressure could grow on David Cameron’s coalition to do something, anything, about the recommendations of the Leveson inquiry into press standards, and everyone in the UK will stop wearing fake moustaches for Movember after a thoroughly successful month of charitable fundraising.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 4th December, Manchester – Social Media Cafe presents The Lawyer, the Politician, and the Journalist @ The Northern, Manchester; return of the monthly get together, this time looking at everything from Twitter to broadsheet front pages within the context of legality.
Wednesday 5th December, Leeds – ThinkBIM Design and Preconstruction half-day conference @ Broadcasting House; Web enabled BIM conference.
Thursday 6th December, Liverpool – Creative Liverpool: Creative Process @ Elevator Bar; A chance for creatives across Merseyside to meet, greet, discuss and maybe even have a drink (after all, it’s Friday.
If there is a success story, blunder, or news event you’d like to see included email or tweet using #blaggersblog. Happy Friday!

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