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The Blagger's Blog 24th July 2015

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort

picker of the pool surface
picker of the pool surface

Quote of the week

“I would swim through vomit to vote against the bill, and listening to some of the nauseating speeches, I think we might have to.” Labour MP John McDonnell, commenting on the new Welfare Work and Reform Bill, which was passed in parliament this week, approving a further £12billion of cuts.

Weekly High

We all know the world wastes a LOT of food, despite the fact many regions are locked in a constant battle against starvation. As such it’s somewhat enlightening to see a company setting up that specialises in making plates from ‘last week’s leftovers’. Foodscapes is the brainchild of Italian design firm Whomade, and if nothing else should get people thinking.FOODSCAPE_01-966x644Weekly Low

Wow, we’re speechless at this week’s low. Hotel giant Holiday Inn Express turned away a female Romanian graduate from its site in Hull, refusing her a room, because staff ‘assumed’ she was a prostitute. Err, racist much?  #PRFail.

Stories To Keep An Eye On

A new social network has launched, Dronestagram, which allows people to upload and share aerial photographs and videos captured with drones. Yes, we are not officially living in the future. 

Twitter has introduced a new ‘event targeting’ feature that allows brands to better prepare for real-time campaigns, for example Mother’s Day or the FA Cup Final.

Just In Case You Missed It… 

Last Friday was World Emoji Day, and we’ve made a video bringing our favourite icons to life. Take a look here.

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