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The Blagger's Blog 23/12/2011

A weekly roundup of talking points, sans effort

Worth the paper it’s printed on?

This year’s light news success stories included…
… series eight of X Factor, which featured in 9,381 articles, while the campaign for US Republican presidential nomination only made it into 1,786…
…Charlie Sheen, who appeared in 1,187 stories, whereas the Higgs Boson, or mythical ‘God particle’, being glimpsed by scientists only saw 234 headlines…
…and finally, Jedward performing at Eurovision and appearing in Big Brother, making it onto the page 773 times, considerably more space than was afforded the UN’s declaration of a famine in East Africa, the focus of 411 stories.
(Source: Journalisted)

Weekly high

Other than Christmas’ impending arrival this harmlessly suggestive advert made our week. How do you best avoid jibes as a brand like Cockburns, one of Britain’s leading port houses? Well, how about by facing the problem head on, as the brand did here.

Weekly low

In a week when football’s been thrust into a negative spotlight, with two players caught up in very public racial misdemeanors, it goes without saying those in who earn their living as TV pundits need to be on best behaviour. As such Alan Hansen’s slip of the tongue during Match of the Day was utterly surprising, and stupid.

Battle of the tweets: Manchester vs London vs Bristol

Top Manchester #tags (seven days to 22/12/2011)

#mufc #mcfc

#lfc #manchester

#suarez #scd

#stepbrothers #towie

#uksnow #motd

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez is banned from football for eight matches for racially abusing Patrice Evra, which is understandably dominating Manchester’s Twitter trends. As is the potential for a white Christmas, and The Only Way Is Essex.

One to watch: spinningfields (Spinningfields – Hosts some of the best events in Manchester; 4,400 followers / 3,013 updates)
Top London #tags (seven days to 22/12/2011)

#lfc #arsenal

#mufc #whyrelationshipsdontlast

#scd #afc

#eastenders #motd


Chelsea captain John Terry also finds himself accused of a racial slur, but doesn’t appear in London’s most talked about topics (save for the possible #cfc reference). Eastenders does though, along with #whyrelationshipsdont last. All very Christmas-y then.
One to watch: stillsafe (Still Safe – Website dedicated to localised problem solving, from travel to breaking news; 49, 823 followers / 130,043 updates)
Top Perth, Western Australia #tags (seven days to 22/12/2011)

#perth #godisnotgreat

#whyrelationshipsdontlast #getscorched

#mydreamliveconcert #2011was

#greatcouples #goodluck1d

#lastteentuesdaytommo #change1dsongtitletocarot

Down under people are also listing reasons why lovers split, while residents of Perth, Australia’s fourth largest city, also seem to be big fans of the X Factor-spawned band One Direction. Then again, is replacing parts of their song titles with a vegetable flattery?.
One to watch: marketingtwitt (Marketing Guru- I enjoy marketing and selling things, on and offline; 5,238 followers / 7,900 updates)
That was The Blagger’s Blog, a selection of statements, statistics and noteworthy newsies from across the media and social world, amalgamated, allowing the time-starved professional to start a conversation from thin air.
If there is a success story, blunder, or tweeting town you’d like to see included email [email protected] or tweet using #blaggersblog. Happy Friday!

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