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The Blagger's Blog 1st May 2015

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Quote of the week

This is a Scottish newspaper, produced in Scotland by a Scottish editorial team, fighting for the best interests of our readers. If that means we take a position different to our colleagues down south, then so be it. And don’t buy this desperate ‘vote SNP, get Tory’ lie. If we send 50 anti-Tory MPs to London, why does it matter if only a handful are Labour this time?” Scottish Sun reaction to questions over conflicting headlines north and south of Hadrian’s Wall.

 Weekly High

Smoking Gun PR has been nominated for two prestigious awards; firstly, Best Small Agency in the national CIPR Awards, and then Best Content Marketing at the Big Chip Awards. Not that we like to blow our own trumpets.

Weekly Low 

Oh dear, Shell. If you want to promote your comparatively clean natural gas production by running a competition for people to make a film about the future of fossil fuels in a greener world, don’t ask them to ignore the high levels of pollution caused by your other, Arctic oil drilling business. And then definitely don’t suggest they should make the sort of film Vice would share. Or, if you do, don’t be surprised by stories like this, in Vice.


Stories to keep an eye on

Marketing Week Live 2015 (#MWL2015) took place this week- the parent publication has has a page dedicated to the best stories here.

The annual Pew report into the state of news in the U.S. has been published, which finds that mobile traffic and podcast audiences are increasing, but desktops still account for the longest time spent on a digital page. 

Anonymous social network Secret, which allows people to post without revealing details about themselves, is closing down after 15-years, with any remaining funds being returned to investors. 

Just in case you missed it

Yesterday we unveiled our latest newsletter, with stories including; There is such a thing as bad publicity, ask Jay Z; Mobilegeddon has begun- but what is it?; 10 things you didn’t know about The Huffington Post; and Ingeniousness in action- Pitch to Rich. All of which is in addition to our in-house news roundup, April 2015 in the Smoking Gun Study.

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