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The Blagger's Blog 17th September 2015


Quote of the week

“Sh!t off you ham mannequin” @TechnicallyRon responding to David Cameron’s Tweet regarding the Labour Party now being a ‘threat to national security’, via Twitter.

Weekly High

This week ExCel London has been hosting the DSEi – AKA an international fair for the arms trade, where weapons and security deals are negotiated. Amnesty International was, unsurprisingly, pretty unhappy about this, and so together with ad agency VCCP, who worked pro-bono, came up with this colourful but rather poignant parody commercial.

Weekly Low

Elsewhere in the world of very serious things, following Jeremy Corbyn’s election to Labour Party leader, the Conservative Party decided the best course of action was to make this video, which is all scary black and white and sinister music, and warns the country of just how awful the left wing now is. Unfortunately, most of the claims boil down to misinformation, misdirection and propaganda, as millions have pointed out. Not necessarily a #PRfail, just pretty stupid and pointless.

Stories To Keep An Eye On

The BBC is planning on launching both a music streaming service in the UK and a Netflix-style subscription service in the U.S.

Seven journalists are claiming that Hungarian border police ‘beat them’ amid the current refugee crisis.

According to the new ABC figures,  almost all UK newspaper websites saw a fall in visitor numbers during August.

Just In Case You Missed It

This week Apple confirmed its forthcoming iOS9 update would include ad blockers, suggesting apps are the way to go for publishers, meanwhile Google is ranking sites that aggressively promote apps down in the search results game. Conflicting messages, read how we’ve made sense of them here.

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