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The Blagger's Blog 16th October 2015

Your weekly digest of media news and talking points, sans effort


Quote of the week

“We are proud to be a growing UK creative business… …Our success means that we paid £3m in tax last year, 684 times more than Facebook.??? Matthew Freud, owner of PR firm Freud Communications, commenting on Britain’s inability to make every company in the country contribute its fair share to HMRC’s coffers.

Weekly High

In the latest addition to our city’s media community, national broadcaster Channel 4 has opened a brand new ‘northern hub’ at a prestigious King Street address in Manchester, increasing its reach to independent content producers and partners outside the south east.


Weekly Low

When will Fox News learn to check the facts? This week Wayne Simmons, the channel’s ‘guest terrorism analyst’, was arrested for apparently lying about his CIA credentials. He claimed to be a spy between 1973 and 2000, using that ‘experience’ to try and access government security clearances and work as a defence contractor. Not really that cool, Simmons.

Stories To Keep An Eye On

The Sun’s website traffic has fallen by 14% since the newspaper removed its paywall…

…meanwhile, The Guardian and Independent boosted online traffic in the same month, but The Daily Star and Metro each lost 30% of theirs.

Marketing Week has released a list of the 100 top companies in terms of brand purpose. 

Just in case you missed it

This week we’ve been musing over the impending launch of Twitter Moments in Britain, potentially revolutionising storytelling methods on the network.

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