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The Blagger's Blog 16th March 2012

A weekly roundup of talking points, sans effort

Worth the paper it’s printed on?

Last week’s light news success stories included…
…Rihanna’s semi-naked pictures of her own hair, which led to 67 articles, whereas Ken Clark’s reaction to concerns that extending secret courts could impede open justice only made it into 8…
…Katy Perry’s new boyfriend, the subject of 36 stories, whilst Steve Hilton, the Prime Minister’s ‘resident guru’ leaves for America on sabbatical and only appeared in 30…
…and finally, X Factor judge Tulisa gets a tan and a new man, making 26 headlines, more than the 18 that reported on the Indian elections and the country’s ruling party suffering setbacks therein.
(Source: Journalisted)

Weekly high

We love the Skittles advert with the guy who can’t touch anything for fear of transforming it into a pile of the sugary sweets, so it was no surprise when we saw the brand’s latest commercial from the States and loved that too. Ridiculous, but amusing.

Weekly low

In what’s being labelled one of the most shocking pre-emptive strikes in some time, oil giant Shell has filed to take legal action against several pro-green groups, including the National Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, and Greenpeace, in an attempt to secure Arctic drilling rights. Whatever your perspective that’s not a good look.

Battle of the tweets: Manchester vs London vs Austin, Texas

Top Manchester #tags (seven days to 15/3/2012)

#mufc #mcfc

#thingsidowhenimdrunk #manchester

#steakandblowjobday #ireallyhatewhen

#lfc #thingsnottodoafterabreakup


City and United are still at the top of the Premier League, and so it’s understandable both appear at the summit of our list. Other than that useful advice on the best course of action not to take post break up, and that dating show Take Me Out also rank high.
Top London #tags (seven days to 15/3/2012)

#cfc #lfc

#arsenal #ireallyhatewhen

#thingsnottodoafterabreakup #afc


Those confused by street slang in the nation’s capital will be relieved to find people are finally offering some #translations so others can understand such terminology. Meanwhile, Arsenal FC, Chelsea and Liverpool represent the sports fans.
Top Austin #tags (seven days to 15/3/2012)

#sxswi #austin

#sxsw2012 #atx

#3styleatx #spinstubbs

#swsw #jayzsyncshow


One of the world’s best inter-disciplinary multi-media festivals comes to a close this weekend, with music, film, and interactive creatives all in Austin for South By South West (SXSW). Apparently the #jayzsyncshow was something rather special.
That was The Blagger’s Blog, a selection of statements, statistics and noteworthy newsies from across the media and social world, amalgamated, allowing the time-starved professional to start a conversation from thin air.
If there is a success story, blunder, or tweeting town you’d like to see included email [email protected]or tweet using #blaggersblog. Happy Friday!

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