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The Blagger's Blog 12th June 2015

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Quote of the week

“The days are long gone when we could afford to be a paper of record and dutifully report everything that happened on our patch.” A memo issued by Trinity Mirror, the UK’s largest regional newspaper publisher, regarding its titles in the Midlands.

Weekly High 

To be honest, this would probably be our weekly high even if Universal Pictures hadn’t bothered unleashing a swathe of dinosaurs on Waterloo Station in London to promote the studio’s latest blockbuster… yep, Jurassic World opens across the UK tomorrow. Biggest thing to hit big screens this year? Probably. Best theme tune of all time? Definitely.

Weekly Low 

Oh dear, Huawei. The Chinese tech giant has been making huge inroads within international markets, but last Friday made a huge PR blunder after a group of foreign journalists, on a state-sponsored tour, were instructed not to mention the brand name, the name of the guide leading the press junket, or anything about their time in the corporations Shanghai research and development campus. This doesn’t look good at all, guys.


Stories To Keep An Eye On

The Drum’s Online Media award-winners have been announced, with names including Vice, The Guardian, Reuters, and Al Jazeera amongst the success stories. 

Apple has unveiled its new music streaming service, cleverly named Apple Music, here’s what Wired makes of it.

Eurosceptic MPs target BBC with plan for regulator covering EU referendum, according to The Guardian.

Just in case you missed it

In addition to showcasing its new music streaming service, details have also been emerging about the latest Apple mobile operating system, which arrives later this year. Here’s why iOS9 could be good for your public relations.

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