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The Blagger's Blog 13th April 2012

A weekly roundup of talking points, sans effort

Worth the paper it’s printed on?

Last week’s light news success stories included…
…Samantha Brick, and the article she wrote about her own beauty, with 54 articles reporting on that self-declaration of greatness, in contrast Sky News admitted to hacking into emails, twice, and only made it into 35…
…Cheryl Cole admitting her interrest in Prince Harry, and showing off her assets in various hot pants, a move that bagged 54 stories, whereas Nick Clegg disagrees with Ken Clarke over the use of secret courts in the UK and just 32 appeared…
…and finally, Katy Perry publicising exactly how upset she was after parting with ex-hubby Russell Brand and admitting celebrity life may be getting a bit boring, an announcement reported by 37 newspapers, but Hilary Clinton’s promise to reduce economic sanctions currently in place against Burma only featured in 33.
(Source: Journalisted)

Weekly high

Ah creatives, so unpredictable, so full of ‘outside the box ideas’. Bosses at Nike obviously agree with this, as the handed a lump sum over to director Casey Neistat (of HBO’s The Neistat Brothers). He then took his friend travelling for ten days, blowing the lot, and the loved it.

Weekly low

OK, so the other week London buses carried pro-homosexual slogans as part of a campaign promoting tolerance. It’s slightly (or rather far) less acceptable for members of the Christian right to launch an opposing initiative attempting to promote therapy to turn gay people straight. No!

Battle of the tweets: Manchester vs London vs Leicester

Top Manchester #tags (seven days to 12/4/2012)

#mufc #mcfc

#thingsthatfrustrateme #mancgirlprobz

#bgt #lfc

#takemeout #worstchatuplines

#favouritefootballgoals #fourwordsyoudontwanttohear

The race for the Premier League title is still on, despite the fact we all thought #mcfc had messed up leaving #mufc to steal the trophy. Elsewhere people are listing four words they really don’t welcome, and finally we can all find out about those important #mancgirlprobz.
Top London #tags (seven days to 12/4/2012)

#thingsthatfrustrateme #lfc

#bgt #fourwordsyoudontwanttohear

#confessionhour #mufc

#icantstandwhen #sheaintwifeymaterial


Amazingly in London this week the only Tweets concerning football have been about teams several hundred miles north of the capital. Aside from that plenty of home truths have been spilt during #confessionhour and everyone seems to still love #takemeout.

Top Leicester #tags (seven days to 12/4/2012)

#thingsthatfrustrateme #lcfc

#worstchatuplines #icantstandwhen

#fourwordsyoudontwanttohear #yourenotfromleicester

#femaleattentionseekingstatusupd #bgt

#takemeout #icantdatesomeonethat

Who knows what they’re putting in Leicester water, but whatever it is people seem to be rather sardonic. Our favourite this week has to be #femaleattentionseekingstatusupd (read as status update), purely because we’re pretty sick of them too.
That was The Blagger’s Blog, a selection of statements, statistics and noteworthy newsies from across the media and social world, amalgamated, allowing the time-starved professional to start a conversation from thin air.
If there is a success story, blunder, or tweeting town you’d like to see included email [email protected]or tweet using #blaggersblog. Happy Friday!

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