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The Blagger's Blog 12th August 2016 – Green pools, Charlton v Charlton fans, Sausage Party stunt

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“Where is the guy looking after the pool?”

Brett Blair, managing director of Jim’s Pools, commenting in The Guardian on the great Olympic mystery of swimming pools changing from blue to green.

Weekly high

The hilariously titled movie Sausage Party is heading for UK cinemas early-September. The premise being that the food on our shelves is actually sentient, but is unaware of the inevitable fate that awaits it once we take the produce home. To start promoting the release, star Seth Rogen and his work pals decided to place some fresh animatronic creations in a New York City grocery store and have some fun with customers. Hardly original, nevertheless this movie marketing tactic still isn’t getting old.

Weekly low

Charlton Charlton

This is a new one to us. According to ndutton13 on Twitter, Charlton Athletic hasn’t taken too kindly to his ‘honesty’ on social media, and so the club is only agreeing to sell him a season ticket (which he is buying with actual real money the club needs) if he signs an Agreed Behavioural Contract. Just to clarify this is definitely not a gag notice, and we don’t know the root cause of this strong reaction from the team. But it does sound like a #PRFail simply because there’s no clarification as to what the supporter did, hence his fellow supporters (and those at other teams) voicing serious concerns.

Stories to keep an eye on

A tech company has invented a digital headband that uses low-frequency electromagnetic pulses to help us switch off in bed for a great night’s sleep.

Ariana Huffington, dame of Huffington Post, is leaving her beloved news and blog giant to join a startup, Thrive Global, which focusses on reducing the stress and burnout of 21st Century life.

The Spectator is amongst the UK press Brexit beneficiaries- with a 25% boost in digital readership over the six months leading to the Referendum. 

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