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The Blagger's Blog – 100 year old models, SGPR at Prolific North, bad taste tweets

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“Ageism is so last century.” Ben Tollett, executive creative director at ad agency adam&eveDDB, commenting in The Guardian on his client Harvey Nichols’ decision to use a 100-year-old-model in Vogue.

Weekly High

Last night Smoking Gun added yet another win to its prestigious history of accolades, walking away from the Prolific North Awards triumphant in Best B2C Marketing and Integrated Communications category for our work on behalf of Silent Night, as judged by a panel of senior industry experts. The hits just keep on coming, as they say.


Weekly Low

There is such a thing as bad publicity, as proved by the worst moment of the last seven days, which comes from UK DIY chain Homebase. Inappropriate, in bad taste, and utterly pointless, the offence in question boils down to the following tweet, which went live last Friday much to the anger of many people. Sometimes you really do have to wonder what on Earth…


Stories to keep an eye on

The UK government could be about to ask the BBC to close the ‘iPlayer loophole’ by trialling a pay TV service to stop people without licenses watching online for free.

Twitter has redefined its position in the App Store, moving from the ‘Social Network’ category to ‘News’, indicative of a wider shift in priorities for the platform. 

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