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Superbowl 2015 = Super Ads (and powerful messages)

They’re often a Monday morning talking point, even over this side of the pond, and this year’s Superbowl adverts, sandwiched between Katy Perry and a win for Brady’s bunch, didn’t disappoint.
There was dog saving horses, tonnes of love for dads, a Walter White cameo and a relatable take on choosing a plane mate from the creative brains at Doritos, to reference just a few of the better efforts. Of course most came with the obligatory dose of American cringe and cheese, but one of this year’s commercials did stand out for other reasons.
Reminding me of Lennox Lewis’ appearance in the memorable “could you???? police recruitment advert from the early noughties, the commercial for No More’s domestic violence campaign was shocking and highly impactful, and will no doubt stick in the minds of many.
At a reported cost of £3,000,000 per 30-seconds of airtime, Super Bowl ads certainly don’t come cheap! However, with a staggering 112.2 million average viewers tuning in, the slots represent a potential return of 37 eyeballs per £, or, if you prefer, just under 3p per viewer engagement – an ROI not to be sniffed at.
You can have a gander at all of this year’s ads at (pretzels and Budweiser optional). Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Twitter @SmokingGunPR.

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