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Social media minefields

According to new research from Content & Motion and Toluna Quick, revealed today, some 50% of people are overwhelmed by brand messages on networks like Twitter and Facebook. OK- tell us something we didn’t already know.

We’ve been preaching from the book of preparation since Smoking Gun PR launched, and will continue to do so for as long as headlines like this still make it onto The Drum’s front page. Because knee-jerk status updates, illogical postings, too much or too little content will always lead to social media failure.
Within the context of this recent statistic it’s obviously a case of too many stupid online actions. People want to interact, not just be bombarded with messages, meaning brands should not necessarily see communicating with potential customers as simply a new advertising practice.
Another figure that features in the same report shows that, from 3,000 international Facebook users, 80% only ‘Liked’ content posted by brands, with just 20% ‘pro-actively’ getting involved on a company page. With facts like that it would be surprising for anyone to find a reason to continue with the network maelstrom modus. In short; organisations need to work on actual engagement, rather than passive approval, and the way to do this is not to increase the amount of outbound, generic messages. Confused? Click on the following link to view a slideshow and all will be revealed.

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