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Social media for brands: Vertical video dominates Facebook

If you missed our recent guide on the Stories video format, aimed at improving how people use social media for brands, then it’s a good idea to catch up. According to new stats and facts, this type of content is becoming the dominant force in the market.

Or at least it is on Facebook— one of three major platforms currently using Stories. Videos have long been a holy grail when it comes to using social media for brands. They receive the highest levels of engagement and views. But many could be forgiven for assuming all videos are the same.

Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to social media for brands.

According to SocialInsider, which analysed 9million Facebook video posts from 92,000 Facebook business pages— representing plenty of expert social media for business users— there are now definite trends in the video field.

Want to know what they are?

1. Vertical video, as oppose to horizontal or square-frame, is by far the most used format for clips.

The popularity of landscape has plummeted since other options arrived, while squared has remained stagnant since its introduction. Most Stories are vertical format.

2. Clothing brands top the vertical video chart for sector output

Travel, health & beauty and interest are also high, while sports and recreation— which lend themselves to vertical by nature— are underproducing in this format.

3. Video length is no longer that relevant

There is very little difference in engagement levels whether a video is 1-2minutes or 10-20minutes. Perhaps surprisingly the latter actually achieves better results (with optimum being 2-5minutes). Engagement levels plummet when clips are shorter then 1minute. This means that relevance is the main driver in whether an audience will engage or not, which is good as Facebook’s new algorithm rewards videos that keep people hooked.

4. Live streams draw in the highest engagement

The early-adopter hype might be on the wane, but Facebook Live video broadcasts are still the best format when it comes to engagement. That is apart from brands that have a fan or follower count of more than 100,000, then there is very little difference compared with pre-recorded.

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