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Social media agency top tips for organic growth on Twitter

Social media marketing is something every social media agency, not to mention brand, has been trying to master since the discipline was born. How do you get the most attention, highest levels of engagement and glean the most conversions from your posts and content?

As one of Manchester’s foremost digital PR firms and an award-winning social media agency, we’ll let you in on a secret. There is no one-size-fits-all masterplan. Success on social media depends on a number of different factors. What works for Brand X may not for Brand Y.

Nevertheless, there are nuggets of learned wisdom that you want to know. A recent post on Social Media Today, based on an infographic from Digital Information World, offers some gems for Twitter users. And, as we’re talking about a platform that sees 5,787 updates per second, every little helps.

Here are five key learnings everyone should take away from the original content that can help build organic reach…

Active presence

Twitter has always been focussed on real-time updates. Granted, you can change your feed to it prioritises Top Tweets, but the platform was built around what’s happening at that moment. With this in mind, the more often you tweet the more likely you are to see good returns for that effort.


It’s difficult to get create a hashtag that takes off yourself, but that doesn’t mean don’t bother. By doing this you can boost brand awareness. You should also be looking at what’s trending in your business sector, and use the most popular and appropriate tags.

Rich content

Everything but text is content gold, as any decent social media agency knows. A tweet with a video can lead to 10x the engagement level, for example. GIFs, meanwhile, could offer 55% higher engagement, with photos also performing well.


One thing many a social media agency finds when approached by potential new clients struggling with social media marketing is they still don’t fully grasp what ‘social’ actually means.

Consider your friends. If any spent all their time talking at you, rather than with you, chances are patience would grow thin. Replying to comments is good for business (44% of Twitter users are more likely to share brand experiences after a response and 30% are more likely to recommend the brand). But this is also vital for the algorithm, which ranks engagement highly including your replies.


Never underestimate the importance of understanding Twitter Analytics. This free-to-use software offers incredible insights into performance, making it easier to see what does well, what doesn’t, and adapt future output to suit.


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