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Smoking Gun PR hits Cision's Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs

The Smoking Gun PR blog has run plenty of posts in the past advising clients, readers and random visitors alike on the best way to create shareable, loveable content that helps to promote both the company website and overall brand. Not that we like telling people what to do.
It’s all part of our overall strategy- to assist others in creating the strongest corporate identity possible through digital media endeavours. Whilst some agencies prefer to keep gems of wisdom close to their heart, and wait to take on companies before showing them the way, we believe in a modern approach to public relations, one that involves spreading ideas about best practice, for free, in a bid to improve the overall industry.
It seems others are recognising out efforts, too. Last week we made the Cision list of Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs in the UK, an accolade that we’re really rather proud of considering the other URLs sharing our pedestal- with few other agencies amongst the peers in this particular run down.
The criteria for selection was relatively varied, from the potential for engagement to the quality of copy, and we aim to deliver both. By marrying industry news- such as the latest social media developments- with analysis and comment on the wider media, whether that’s the growth of platforms like BuzzFeed and HuffPost or ideas surrounding the value of brands; throwing in How-to guides and case studies, and then supplementing the lot with lighter, wittier round ups (see our archive of weekly Friday Blagger’s Blogs), our team adhere to the three pillars of good blogging for business:
*Thought provocation
Add to this the fact we have developed a clear editorial voice- friendly, unpretentious, but also clearly professional and authoritative, and it’s easy to understand why our visitor numbers are growing by the month, and others in the PR and marketing game are referencing our work on an increasing regular basis.
Of course, part of our identity is about not blowing our own trumpets, but instead letting actions speak louder than words, but nevertheless it’s also equally important to recognise achievements and take pride in what you do. Enough said, let’s leave it at that.

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