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Simply unmissable 8

Statistic of the month
Cadbury’s added 260,000 new fans and followers to its social media profiles during the Olympic Games period.

Cult Clips
The world’s best notebooks, as approved by Smoking Gun staff, Moleskine, have gone one step further to bridging the ink-digital gap by offering Evernote support to customers. Confused? We were too, until we saw this.

Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov is asking 30 scientists under his employ to develop artificial humanoid robots, with the final goal of transplanting conscious brains into avatars for eternal life, which reminds us of some film we saw….

Notoriously snobbish, but unarguably educated, The New Yorker remains one of America’s most respected publications. And, with tongue in cheek clips like this, promoting its new iPhone app, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular.
Felines aren’t known for respecting property, feelings, or possessions. Introducing Teddy The Asshole Cat, who personifies those character traits, resulting in 2,828,563 YouTube hits in just under a fortnight. How’s that for viral?

Infographic of the month
Ever wondered what the average age of users on every major social network in the western world is? So did we, but before we could do the research digital intelligence agency SMI put together this handy visual explanation.

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