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Statistic of the month
The BBC will broadcast 2,500 TV and radio hours dedicated to London 2012.
Cult Clips
Proctor & Gamble are leading the Olympic sponsors in terms of online marketing, according to analysts, with the company’s efforts seeing 2,233,499 shares prior to the Opening Ceremony, which can’t be bad for business.
Take several clips of the Mayor of London, edit them together to form a coherent message built from random statements, aimed at mocking both the politician and his city’s much hyped Games. Result = viral success.

Think internet shopping has gone as far as it can? Think again, as Amazon introduces ‘Yesterday Shipping’, a service that will send products out to customers a day before they order it. Bizarre, but unarguably amusing fun poking no less.

With thousands of photographs making up his time-lapse journey across the world its easy to see why millions of viewers have found the real-life travels of You Tube account holder Kiendlem, and resulting imagery, truly inspirational.

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