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Simply unmissable 4

The web’s full of wonderful things. This month everything from marketing campaigns promoting good manners to Tupac resurrected via Star Wars caught our (almost) all-seeing eye, so when you’ve got a spare five minutes why not sit back and enjoy. After all, some of the following can be considered research…
Statistic of the month
Globally 600million more people own a mobile phone than use a toothbrush.
Cult clips
London’s Kensington Hotel is reiterating what makes Britain Britain with this gem of a publicity stunt. ‘Petite Etiquette’ is a new one-hour class being offered to children, complimentary, so they know their damned Ps from their cursed Qs.

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the text message, and so Moleskine, the firm behind the world’s finest notebooks, took it upon itself to celebrate with the unique Moleskine Shooting Message System. Ah, those were indeed the days.

Even years after his death people were claiming to have seen Tupac in such exotic locales as Keighley, West Yorkshire. They might have been wrong but here at Smoking Gun we’ve found him in a galaxy far, far away- here’s the evidence.
Infographic of the month
The Olympics arrive soon, so it would be pretty interesting for someone to analyse the sporting festival from a social media perspective… many thanks to for alerting us to this, and for putting it together then.

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