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Royal Baby Part II: Tie-ins to make PR pros smile. And everyone else.

When you work for an award-winning public relations agency it should go without saying that keeping an eye on what’s trending, where and when is absolutely essential. As such we couldn’t help but notice the attention afforded a certain regal arrival waiting in the wings the moment word rang out. And not just on the part of PR professionals.
One quick look on Twitter reveals that since this article was published on dotRising the hype surrounding the news that Kate and Wills are expecting, again, hasn’t waned in the slightest. That’s unsurprising, considering some estimates gauge Prince George helped boost the British economy by £250-£350million during the weeks surrounding his birth. As such we thought it would be interesting to run through some of the funniest tie-ins to emerge recently, all of which are focussed on the next little one set to join the Windsor bloodline one the honorary mite finally gets here. Needless to say, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not we’ll see a repeat of last year’s overkill, or if brands will be a little more reserved once we enter the final few weeks before labour.
2nd Royal Baby Yet? Twitter Feed
As if to prove just how excited people already are about the delivery en route, @SecondRoyalBabyYet’s Twitter feed is already awash with amusing comments on the fact the bairn hasn’t been born at the moment (and won’t be here for months). We’re just wondering how long this can last…
Mulberry – The Palace Gates (AKA Too Close To Home)
Luxury fashion brand Mulberry actually got into trouble with its latest stunt designed to piggyback on the Royal Baby 2 craze. This picture, showing matching purses in small and large sizes hanging from the palace gates was deemed unauthorised by officials and subsequently deleted from the internet (although we didn’t have to look hard for a copy). We’re assuming the firm is predicting a girl then.
Nissan – Faster Than The Rest
OK, so admittedly this isn’t new, at all, but nevertheless no post on the Royal Baby MK II would be complete, or just, without mentioning car giant Nissan. Within seven minutes of news hitting the streets the company had managed to come up with this advert, which immediately went viral, and goes to show that sometimes it is the first in line that wins the day. Just don’t tell the new heir when he or she arrives in Spring 2015.

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