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The word recognise comes from the latin word, ‘recognito’ which denotes the recognition of a service.
There are several factors that every business must incorporate into their daily work routines in order to create a happy and healthy working environment, something which we are extremely keen to promote at Smoking Gun.
Research has shown that, recognising when a good job has been done and receiving praise in the workplace can increase staff morale and efficiency by 60% and we really couldn’t agree more!
After introducing Bonusly, a peer to peer bonus giving system in 2016, the team here at Smoking Gun have done a tremendously good job at praising the great work that we do on a daily basis. Whether it’s securing a fantastic piece of coverage, or stepping in to help a colleague late on a Friday night, we’re not shy of recognising when a good job has been done, and letting one another know about it.
Since the Bonusly system was introduced, the Guns have been reaping their benefits with some extra special and slightly strange treats. Check out seven of the most weird and wonderful things that the team have spent their Bonuslys on:

  • An inflatable parrot
  • Pink hair dye
  • Four pairs of shoes
  • One wedding suit
  • A kids teepee
  • A nude strapless bra
  • Flame printed running rucksack

Account Manager, Martha Downing says: “Bonuslys are a fantastic way of boosting team morale. It’s great to be able to let people know when you think they’re doing a great job, and being recognised for the little things makes all the difference.???
Social Media Account Director, Jacqueline Buckland commented: “Using Bonusly is a great way to motivate the team, particularly during busy times in the agency. It helps show that you recognise when a good job is being done, and often pushes you to go that one step further. I like to think of Bonusly as a nice way of giving a co-worker a little pat on the back!???
Find out more about Bonusly here.

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