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Quality link building: SEO without PR misses the point

It doesn’t matter what business or industry you’re in, nor your lifestyle choices, the world is full of ways to spend money. The problem being that without stringent budget control we’re all heading for hot water.
When it comes to marketing strategies, this often means tough decisions have to be made based on where priorities lie. A common example being whether to entrust a digital strategy with SEO experts alone, or bring more breadth into the mix by looking to other fields of expertise.
We’d always recommend the latter approach, but then we would say that, considering our core business is storytelling. There are some pretty persuasive arguments to back the claim up, though, and just in case you don’t believe us we’ve gone to the trouble of listing these below. Notepads out, please.

  • Google is the Holy Grail of content quality assessment – and the bar has never been set so high. Producing great editorial has been the business of PRs for years, which perfectly aligns the discipline with content-led SEO.
  • As we reported in our blog earlier this year, Google openly discourages bloggers from offering ‘follow’ links in product reviews. This means the need to be creative and original with content designed for link building is even more pressing. Creativity is in the PR remit, rather than that of technical SEO experts.
  • Your typical PR is a naturally gregarious sort, and won’t shy away from the relationship building necessary to successfully negotiate for things like links back in return for great content, or larger brand references on external pages. In short, they will get as much online bang as possible for your buck.


  • Any PR will have an enviable little black book brimming with media contacts- a treasure trove of potential opportunities. This can prove invaluable for placing content, or positioning a client as industry expert available for comment in exchange for links back. Furthermore, the public relations art of story dissemination leads to a cascade effect- a journalist or influencer breaks the story, shares, comments, and flags up the original.
  • PR coverage drives referral traffic to websites, meaning more people see a given product or message. That alone is great, before you start to consider how the more traffic a website receives the more favourably Google views that website- the fundamental goal of SEO.
  • The content produced day in, day out in PR is very much socially-focussed; designed to get people talking, not just linking. Google’s algorithm, which it uses to analyse and rank websites, contains a social portion, but this is often forgotten in typical outreach strategies, much to the detriment of getting more eyes on a given piece of content. The solution- bring in a PR to plan and deliver your content marketing.

Convinced or still sitting on the fence? Why not get in touch to learn about how we can become part of your SEO strategy mix.

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