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Public relations opportunities: The Times

The second edition in our series of blog posts looking at public relations opportunities in the UK’s major newspapers- a roadmap to selling in if you will- focuses on the country’s iconic daily, The Times. 
The basics 
First rolling the presses back in 1785 as The Daily Universal Register, in many ways The Times is the most archetypal broadsheet on the UK market, with high quality reportage a cornerstone of its content. Known as The Times (of London) since 1788, today it features a variety of writing on all manner of subjects, with news the priority but by no means the entire product.
Pages two and three regularly host survey stories- a great position for any brand to aspire to given the high readership and the fact almost everyone who buys a copy will read up to, if not beyond, this pagination point. Each Friday there’s a double-page spread dedicated to celebrity watching, another one to remember for those working alongside brand ambassadors, and the Times 2 pull out section has several significant pages, including Bricks & Mortar for homes and interiors content (as with the Property page), and Money each Saturday, offering in-depth financial articles.
The Sunday Times 
As with all British papers, Sunday represents a bumper edition. The Sunday Times boasts Driving (cars), Technology, Homes, Money and Travel, all of which are pretty self-explanatory in terms of the kind of products that could be featured.
Weekend supplements 
The Times Magazine 
Beauty brands have plenty of space to try and fill in The Times Magazine, with Boudoir Classic focusing on essential products and Take One Problem listing three solutions to common appearance dilemmas- for example chapped lips. There’s also a fashion page, and Food & Drink with its own Wine Best Buys column, in addition to Eating Out restaurant reviews.
Weekend Magazine 
The biggest Saturday supplement, those looking to offer out press trip opportunities will find abundant inspiration in the Travel section, which also features news stories- from new flight routes to hotel openings- with Gardens and Food & Drink also featuring heavily.
Sunday Times Magazine 
High-end and luxury fashion and beauty firms should examine the content in Can’t Live Without closely, which, as it sounds, features a different product or range every issue, that the editor insists they can’t live without. Health, on the other hand, is dealt with in Wellbeing, and yet more options present themselves for Homes and Interiors businesses with another dedicated section.
Culture Magazine and Sunday Times Magazine
Sunday’s other pull-outs are focused on arts and entertainment, including music and book reviews and interviews, with a range of profiling opportunities available including a Day In The Life and Relative Values, for which PRs can submit clients and affiliated celebrities for consideration.

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