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#PRStack e-handbook launched

imageToday will be remembered for many things; no doubt we all have our list of little achievements, successes and wins from the last eight (give or take) working hours.
Here at Smoking Gun, though, we’ll be remembering today for a very different reason… Namely the launch of a brand new help text designed to give both newcomers and public relations professionals some insider tips from the best of industry’s best.
Introducing #PRStack, a book, or rather ebook, which has seen its launch today. Comprising more than 15,000 words to offer over 40 examples of essential weapons that should be in the arsenal of everyone with an interest in marketing, search engine optimisation, content creation and public relations, it comes direct from the horses’ mouths- AKA some 19 leading minds with proven track records when it comes to campaigns, pitches and general innovation.
The crowdsourced project will see a new article from the aforementioned stockpile published each Thursday as a standalone blog. Forthcoming editions set to include Using Google Suggest to read the minds of your audience, Using Brandwatch to identify, listen and understand publics, Using Nomis and UK Government data to understand UK publics, and Using Hootsuite to gain social intelligence.
All defined as social listening and planning tools, from there categories will include curation, building relationships online and project management and measurement. The result being what should become (and already is) an indispensable resource that belongs on all our electronic book shelves. Oh, and did we mention this is all available to download for free?
Meanwhile, the #PRStack app has been live since March, and currently holds descriptions of more than 250 game-changing tools that all our lives would be much more difficult without. Who said you never get something for nothing then?

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